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Project YZ250 Woods Bike

Follow along as we build Trevor's bike for the 2011 season. We have a great group of sponsors helping us out with parts and they have all been listed below with a link to their website.I'm going to keep this page updated as we go through the complete build so keep checking back for the latest progress. Currently we have the engine back together and have been able to get in a little testing. This bike is going to be tough to beat! Trevor seems to be adjusting to the 2 stoke really fast. With the first race coming on March 20th the bike has been stripped to bare frame and will be reassembled piece by piece. With a ton of new parts this bike is going to be fast and look good too!

We've started out with a 2007 YZ250 2 stroke. Overall the bike is in decent shape but we knew the engine was blown going in. We will start out with a complete teardown to access the damage and see what it will need to get it back together. Once completed, it will be the ultimate woods bike and in better than new condition.

With the cases split it's obvious the big rod bearing is trash. Main bearings aren't in the best shape either. Piston is done and the cylinder will need to be replated. We will have to work on the head to repair some damage. The frame will be thoroughly cleaned and the suspension will be gone through. We've got a list together and parts are on the way! Keep checking back to see the progress on the bike.

The transmission has been through the ISF process. This leaves all of the parts extremely smooth to reduce friction and oil drag while increasing horsepower. It also increases the life of the transmission and makes the shifting much smoother.

The old worn out crankshaft has been completely rebuilt with a new Wiseco rod kit. New Wiseco main bearings have been installed. The cases should be going back together soon.

The stock clutch basket, inner hub, and pressure plate were all worn out. Wiseco hooked us up with a complete clutch set up. Their stuff is all billet and hard anodized which means it stronger, lighter, and will last way longer than the stock parts.

The cylinder had some damage from the crank letting go and also had some wear. We sent it off to Millennium Technologies to let them work their magic. They really do an awesome job and when we got it back it looked better than new. Millennium strips the old plating, repairs any damage, replates it, then hones it to the proper size. Having a true bore and the correct piston to cylinder clearance is important to produce maximum horsepower. Thanks to Millennium Technologies for taking care of the cylinder!

Wiseco also supplied the piston for the YZ250. They make a top end kit which include the piston, rings, pin bearing, and all the gaskets required to rebuild the top end. Being forged the piston is both stronger and lighter than the stock cast piston.

For the exhaust we will be using an FMF Fatty pipe with the Power Core 2 silencer. The pipe will increase power through the entire rpm range and the silencer will improve throttle response and improve low end torque. We would like to thank FMF for taking care of the exhaust system.

UFO supplied all of the plastics for the bike. Not only will it be fast but it will look good too! Trevor's bike will be wearing all white for the 2011 season.

CV4 supplied the radiator hoses, carb vent lines, and an hour meter. Their radiator hoses are made out of silicone and a woven polyester mesh making them stronger than the stock hoses. They also withstand more heat and provide better coolant flow as well while really dressing the bike up. The CV4 carb vent lines stay flexible for years making it much easier to remove and replace the carb plus they match the radiator hoses giving the bike a unique factory look. The hour meter is something I recommend on every bike. It's the only true way to keep up with maintenance on your bike. Without one you're just guessing.

Special thanks to IMS for helping us feed the YZ. Woods races typically last for 2 to 3 hours so having enough fuel is very important. The stock tank holds about 2 gallons which just isn't enough. The new IMS fuel tank holds 3.2 gallons of fuel to keep this thirsty beast running.

Moose Racing has been a long time sponsor of Trevor. For the 250 they took care of getting the power to the ground with the chain and sprockets. They also provide the much needed engine protection with their aluminum skid plate and during the race Trevor wears Moose gear.

Powersports Grafx took care of all the decals for the bike. These guys do a great job and their stuff lasts. We've tried other brands in the past but nothing else can match the looks and durability of the PG graphics.

The engine is coming together and yes, stock bore and stroke!

The end of the build is finally here just in time for the first race. I know Trevor was sweating it for a while. Here's most of the left over parts from the rebuild.

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