Growing up I spent a lot of time taking things apart, seeing how they worked, and then putting them back together. I have always had a talent for fixing things that were broken. Over the years I have done repair work on lawn and garden equipment, cars, boats, motorcycles, and spent 5 years as an air tool repairman working on anything from simple air operated drills to sophisticated automated equipment. Although I enjoy working on most anything mechanical, motocross has always been where my true interest lies. This is where Forshee Motorsports began. Since my son started racing I have done all the work on our own bikes. Once our friends saw how well his bike ran they started asking me to do their work. Pretty soon word got out and this became more than just a hobby.

At Forshee Motorsports, our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service that is personalized for each individual. We want to work with you to customize our service to fit your needs and budget. Let us give you the power, performance, and reliability you're looking for.

Shane Forshee

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