4/22/12 Race Report from Mountain Challenge

Rain set in on Saturday and fell most of the night. Sunday morning saw a misty rain with some very muddy track conditions. Trevor had a good starting position on the line of the Pro class and with one kick the bike fired and took off for the first turn. With the slick grass start getting enough traction was a problem putting Trevor near the back of the pack heading into the woods but he quickly made some good moves putting him in 5th position. The 6 mile course was getting worse each lap but Trevor was able to adjust. At the end Trevor pulled off a 6th place finish with amazing consistency. Out of 6 laps all of his lap times were within 27 seconds of each other. This finish put him 5th in the series points.

Hunter Walker also had a good day in the mini B class. He got a great start and ended the first lap in 7th place. From there he went to work adjusting to the track conditions and eventually made his way up to 5th place finish putting him 4th in the points. One thing about Hunter, while most of the riders came by looking completely miserable under the nasty conditions Hunter had a smile on his face seemingly enjoying his ride in the mud! The next race is on April 29th at Windy Hill in Ellerbe, NC.

3/11/12 Race Report from Brown Jug

The first race of the NCHSA series was held in Union, SC. Unfortunately Trevor drew a high number for the start and ended up with a less than desirable start position with 18 riders in the pro class. At the green flag it took 6 kicks to get the bike running which put him in 17th position going into the woods. He got to work quickly moving forwards and had made his way into 9th by the end of the first lap. He gained several spots and spent the last two laps battling with Matthew Pressley over 5th position. Less than 100 yards from the finish line he finally made the pass and took over 5th place. Once the race officials had gone over the results we found that Trevor fell in behind another rider and missed a punch on the first lap which put him back in 12th place. Overall he put in some very impressive lap times and we feel he is capable of running up front.

In Mini B, Hunter Walker got off to a rough start getting tangled up with another rider in the first turn and heading into the woods in 10th place out of 11 riders. From there he rode a solid race gaining positions and finished the race in 7th place. Keep in mind this was only Hunters 3rd race ever so we feel that once he gets a little seat time he is going to be tough to beat.

Overall I am very happy with the results from both riders this weekend. Both gave it all they had and didn't let the unfortunate circumstances get them down. We came away from this race with a good idea of where we're at and what we need to work on to make improvements for the next race. Speaking of the next race, it will be in Taylorsville at Flat Rock on March 25th.

3/5/12 New Rider at Forshee Motorsports

Once again Trevor Connell will be riding for us in the 2012 season. Trevor will run Pro class on his 2010 Yamaha YZ450F. We have also added Hunter Walker to the team for 2012. We met Hunter last year and were really impressed with him. He has a great personality, is very outgoing and is just a lot of fun to be around. Hunter will be riding a Forshee Motorsports built Yamaha YZ85 in the Mini B class this year in the NCHSA series. We look forward to working with him throughout the 2012 season.

3/4/12 One Week from Race Season!

We are now less than a week away from the opening round of the NCHSA series. This week we will put the finishing touches on the bikes to get them ready for the first race. New plastics, graphics, and tires will go on plus they will get a thorough inspection. Definitely looking forward to this season.

10/30/11 Race Report: Flat Rock 2

It seems as though Trevor has been plagued by bad luck the entire season and this weekends race was no different. On the start Trevor came out of the first turn in 3rd place and looked to be on his way to a good finish. He spent the first four laps on the rear tire of the 2nd place rider pacing himself and looking for the perfect spot to make a pass. On lap 5 Trevor took over 2nd place and began pulling away until contact with a tree caused the bars to swap losing the grip with his left hand. As he grabbed for the grip he caught the clutch lever instead and broke the lever off at the perch. Luckily the bike is equipped with a Rekluse clutch so he could continue the race but without the aid of the clutch lever this slowed his pace enough to lose 2nd position. By the time the checkered flag dropped Trevor was in 5th position which kept him 4th in the series points. With the last race on November 6th we are still hoping for his first win and the chance to move up in the series points. The final race is on November 6th in Denver, NC.

10/16/11 Race Report: County Line

Once again bad luck was present at the race at County Line in Taylorsville, NC. Barely 200 yards into the first lap Forshee Motorsports rider hit a tree throwing him over the bars and on the ground. By the time he got the bike going again he was already being passed by riders in the AA class. Somehow during the crash he smashed his left foot but continued on through the 2 hour race to finish in 6th place. At the end of the race Trevor was checked out by the track medical personnel to find he had a very bad cut on his foot. A visit to the hospital and 18 stitches later we hope to have him healed up by the next race on October 30th. This proves exactly how much heart Trevor brings to the track as he rode an entire race with that bad of an injury. With 2 races left in the series Trevor is currently 4th in series points. We hope all the bad luck is behind him now as we try to gain points in the remaining 2 races. The next race will be at Flat Rock in Taylorsville on October 30th.

9/18/11 Race Report: River Race at Camp Walter Johnson.

This weekends race didn't exactly turn out the way we had hoped. The track had it's fair share of rocks, roots, and stumps and under the dusty conditions it was nearly impossible to avoid the obstacles. Trevor got off to a good start and began working his way through the pack when a flat front tire left him limping back to the pits. Unfortunately this bad luck would continue as we changed out 3 front tubes during the course of the race. In the end Trevor finished the race in 10th position posting some very impressive lap times. You can bet that we will have the flat tire issue solved before the next round. His conditioning and level of confidence is the best it's ever been at this point. With 4 races left in the series we are looking to gain in the overall points. The next race is on October 2nd at Davis Mountain in Taylorsville.

8/28/11 Race Report: Mountain Challenge II

Round 10 of the NCHSA series was held in Wilkesboro, NC. Beautiful weather and a dusty track made for some of the best racing of the year. Forshee Motorsports rider Trevor Connell got off to his worst start of the year only to put in some of the fastest laps of the race. By the end of the first lap Trevor made his way into 7th position. The second lap saw him move into 4th place as he put his head down and made a charge for the front. By lap 5 Trevor took over the lead and held on for half of a lap before making a mistake and going down. With another small mistake later in the race he ended up in 5th place and moved into 3rd place in the series points.

While we didn't get the results we were hoping for this weekend proved that Trevor is very capable of running up front and that his new training program is working. With only 6 races left in the series Trevor is 1 point away from second and 13 points out of first place in series points and we feel he now has the confidence and stamina to pull off a championship. Special thanks to Elliot Vickers and David Heaton for helping out with Trevor's training! The next race is September 11th at Brushy Mountain.

6/14/11- Great weekend at Windy Hill!

Round 7 of the NCHSA was held at Windy Hill Sports in Ellerbe, NC. Rain came in Saturday night creating perfect track conditions for the race on Sunday. The start of the race saw Forshee Motorsports rider Trevor Connell head into the woods in 3rd place out of a 13 rider field. About halfway through the first lap he went down on a tricky bridge crossing and dropped back a few positions. By lap 5 Trevor fought his way into 4th position which he held onto until the finish. After this race Trevor is now tied for 2nd place in the points and is only 9 points out of first. A few more good races could easily put him in the lead.

In the Light C class Aaron Parsons easily pulled the holeshot on his Forshee Motorsports built YZ250. Unfortunately he fell victim to the extreme heat and humidity later in the race and was unable to finish. The tight track combined with high temperatures seemed to claim quite a few riders. Aaron still maintains 5th in the series points after this event. The next race will be in Denver, NC and marks the halfway point of the series.

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